Greenwood Lane

The creation of energy efficient homes is a priority. 

Bellbird Developments hope to attract a community of like-minded home owners who recognise the benefits of building better, not just for themselves, but for future generations and the world they will live in.

To support this vision, a Cash Back Incentive is offered to encourage change towards higher performing homes.

Greenwood Lane offers six conveniently located, spacious, sunny sites, just a few minutes from Wanaka town centre. Set in an established location, sections range from 709 – 979m2.

Sections (all now sold)

Greenwood Lane Sections

SOLD Lot 1 709m2 Private & sheltered, with established  boundaries. North facing grounds,  Established oak in south east corner is covenanted.  $550,000
SOLD Lot 2 909m2 A private, sheltered, north facing, sunny site with established plantings and feijoa hedge along the footpath.. $650,000
SOLD Lot 3 903m2 Covenanted Oak at entrance,  feijoa hedge, fruit trees & post and rail fence on the northern boundary, highly productive chestnut in NW corner. Right of way allows for easy access to a garage on the south. $650,000
SOLD Lot 4 979m2

Tucked down a leg in this interesting site with existing trees and a formed right of way offers great bones for existing landscaping and shade. A bountiful apple and highly productive chestnut tree along with a wall on the southern boundary are all bonuses here. A covenant protects one of the oaks at the entrance.

Under Offer Lot 5 851m2 The most elevated site, has expansive views, sunny aspect, is the easiest lot to position a house or multiple dwellings on due to lack of existing trees. $659,000
Under Offer Lot 6 929m2 Nestled into south-eastern corner. An attractive, north facing site with established cabbage trees and a sense of spacious expansiveness. Lot 6 has a no build zone on the northern part of the site around the covenanted oak, and a fenced walkway on its eastern boundary. $650,000

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Energy Efficient Incentives

Bellbird Developments are offering up to $20,000 in cash back incentives to those who incorporate performance efficiencies into their homes, such as maximising insulation, glazing, and a mechanical ventilation system.

Additionally BellBird Developments will contribute up to $5000 to the cost of energy modelling and certifying the performance of your home

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Tiny House

Why Live at Greenwood Lane?


  • Established location in the heart of Wanaka
  • Existing trees for shade, climbing and stunning autumn colour
  • Soothing sound of birds – Bellbirds, Fantails, Tuis and others.
  • Sheltered location within a boutique small development
  • Family friendly neighbourhood, lots of locals living nearby


  • An easy walk (5 mins) to town, shops and cafés
  • 7 minutes walk to Mt Iron walking track 
  • Active transport is easy for kids walking or biking to school
  • Flat, easy to build on sites
Veggie Garden


  • Good-sized sites offer multiple dwelling options
  • Room for veggie garden, boat, trailer and trampoline
  • More flexible covenants than typical developments in the region


We aim to attract community minded people, who are concerned about their carbon footprint, are active transport users, who live a low waste lifestyle and enjoy gardening, sharing and connecting with others.

That sounds like us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules around fencing?

In order to encourage a sense of community, there will be no solid fencing on the roads or walkways. You can fence internally between sites if you have pets, up to 1.8m high, but your fencing has to start 4.5m back from the road reserve. Fencing on road or reserve boundaries must be live or open style fencing.

Do I have to build right away?

No. You can land bank your section for years if you choose, however, once you start building, we expect the build to be completed within 18 months, with landscaping completed within 2 years of starting the build.

Does the developer have to approve what I do?

No, unless you want to build your garage closer than the 2 metre set back from the boundary, in which case you would need to get neighbours and Bellbird Developments approval.

Can I subdivide my site?

Lots 2, 3, 4 & 6 are sub-dividable as of right. Lot 5 you would need to build the second dwelling before sub-divding.

Will there be gas plumbed to my site?

No. There is a covenant on all the lots that prevents the use of gas, diesel or petrol for heating your home. You may use gas for hot water or cooking, but with the potential to heat water via solar or green electricity we think there are better options than gas. 

Can I build a tiny house?

Yes, we love smaller homes and have no minimum size. You could build 2 tiny homes or even 3 depending on your lot, but you must plumb them in so they are permanent homes, not on wheels. 

Why are the performance bonuses only available till 2026?

With building code reviews underway and increasing awareness and demand for better homes we believe that modelling and blower door tests will have become standard if not compulsory by 2026. We aim to kick start the revolution of  building of more energy efficient homes.

Can I build 2 storeys?

Yes, you can build to 7 metres as per the district plan.

Doesn’t it cost more to build like this?

It can, but the upfront cost is often paid back quite quickly by the lower running costs. See the BRANZ article in the resources section.  The reason you model your plans is to tailor your insulation and ventilation needs specifically for your site and for how you like to live in your house.  It is better to get things like floor insulation and windows right at the start as these are much harder and more expensive to change retrospectively. What you spend on a a mechanical ventilation unit you could save on underfloor heating. Recognising there are higher upfront costs is one of the reasons we offer cashback incentives

What are my setbacks from the road?

4.5m from your boundary (ie from the road reserve). This applies to fences and dwellings.

Are any trees protected?

Yes. Covenants start from the date title is issued.

  • There are 10 year covenants on the Oak trees at the entrance to Greenwood Lane (Lot 1 & Lot 6)
  • There is a 5 year covenant on the Oak tree on Lot 3 and one of the Oak trees at the entrance of Lot 4.
  • There is a 2 year covenant on the Plane trees (Planatus) on Lots 1 and 2. 

Are you incentivising Homestar ratings? 

Homestar is a tool to measure overall, health, efficiency and sustainability of NZ homes.  We are not using this as a measure to incentivise as we do not believe there is enough emphasis on thermal efficiency, for instance you can achieve a rating with a not very efficient home by getting credits for a compost system, indoor clothes line and being close to a bus stop ( all good things but we see thermal envelopes and ventilation as more important to get right at the start.) You can add those things later.  

I am keen to learn more about this, where do I find further information? 

Click here to go to our resources page.