Local Heroes & Legends

Local people and businesses walking, talking, teaching and inspiring who can help you with your energy efficient journey.

Chaney & Norman

Several of the architects at Chaney & Norman are certified passive house designers. Great design and sustainability is at the heart of everything they do, creating homes that are energy efficient with a high level of thermal performance. Renowned for warm, healthy and comfortable homes that clients love.

T: 027 425 3472
E: hello@chaneynorman.co.nz
W: https://chaneynorman.nz/contact/

Kat McGregor – Pro Clima

Kat has been involved in the building industry in Central Otago since 2014. She has expert knowledge of building envelope performance, air tightness and moisture management. She can help you  optimise the performance of your home for comfort and health. Director of Performhaus and Regional Sales Manager of Pro Clima she is passionate about promoting sustainable and energy efficient building practices.  

T: 021 838 994
E: perform@performhaus.co.nz
W: www.proclima.co.nz

Jason Quinn – Sustainable Engineering

An engineer by trade, Jason spent a decade as a rocket scientist at NASA before he relocated to New Zealand. He was New Zealand’s first Passive House certifier, has taught courses for PHINZ, the Passive House Academy and the NZ Green Building Council. He has written guides on the practical application of Passive House principles. For curly questions, he is the man to figure out how practically resolve problems to a certifiable standard.

If you are thinking of certifying your house as Passive, it would be advisable to speak to Jason before you start your project.

M: 021 1846 911
E: info@sustainableengineering.co.nz
W: sustainableengineering.co.nz

Isaac Davidson – Wanaka Passive House

If you’re looking for a builder with experience in passive houses without the fancy marketing, Isaac is your guy. He lives and breathes energy-efficient homes, and has been building sustainable houses in Wanaka for years. He’s one of those guys who just gets on and does it. He’s a practical, hands-on builder who I would totally recommend.

M: 027 289 2951
E: davidsonbuilding@xtra.co.nz
W: www.wanakapassivehouse.com

Rafe Maclean Architects

Rafe Maclean is a small team of architects with who specialise in sustainable, well-crafted homes locally. Rafe is a Registered Architect and a Certified Passive House Designer, as are several of his team.

M: 027 280 9788
E: rafe@rafemaclean.co.nz
W: www.rafemaclean.co.nz

Josh Briscoe

Structural Engineer

With a passion for ecologically considerate buildings Josh is the man in town for local engineering advice on passive homes. He is a structural engineer for Batchelor McDougall Consulting, as well as a certified passive house designer.

M: 022 128 0296
E: josh@bmconsult.co.nz
W: www.bmconsult.co.nz

Glen Murdoch

Glenn is passionate about buildings that are architecturally excellent, comfortable, efficient and healthy. He has been designing high-performance buildings since 2006, and has successfully delivered several certified Passive Houses.

M: 021 993 413
E: glenn@theca.nz
W: www.theca.nz

Dean at Wanaka Solar

Wanaka Solar are the local go-to guys for outstanding advice on all things solar. They are genuine, innovative, and have been hugely supportive in planning of alternative models of development. We 100% recommend them.

M: 03 443 1002
E: hello@wanakasolar.com
W: www.wanakasolar.com

Mark Anderson – M A Building

Mark is one of a select few certified Passive House Builders in New Zealand. He is passionate about the building industry. He aims to push the boundaries of sustainability, performance, construction methods and technology to deliver smart, energy-efficient homes.

M: 027 464 1641
E: info@mabuilding.co.nz
W: www.mabuilding.co.nz

Jonathan Holmes, VIA Architecture

Certified Passive House Consultant / Energy Modeller

Jonathan is the local (Wanaka) member of the national VIA architecture team who specialise in High-Performance Passive House projects, designing Low-Carbon homes to delight and provide exceptional comfort and quality of life. VIA architecture offers full architectural services and Passive House, Energy Modelling and Low Carbon consultancy services.

Jonathan lives in Hawea where he has built NZ’s first certified Premium Passive house. Follow him on Facebook or Instagram @ Hawea Flat Passivhaus for ideas and inspiration.

M: 027 886 3836
E: jonathan.holmes@via-architecture.net
W: via-architecture.net

Anne Salmond, Salmond Architecture

Provide advice and guidance on all aspects of sustainable building, 

In 2019, local legend Anne Salmond was made a Distinguished Fellow of the Institute of Architecture in recognition of her “exceptional influence and contribution to New Zealand architecture over the course of her career”  She has focused on sustainability since she graduated in the 80’s.

Anne and her team are known for designing high performing buildings that are sustainable over the long term, sympathetic with the landscape and appropriate in their context.

W: salmondarchitecture.co.nz

Camp Glenorchy

If you are in the Southern Lakes Region, we totally recommend you visit Camp Glenorchy. They are incredibly inspiring to us. Designed, built and operated in line with the Living Building Challenge they are certifying under three petals for Energy, Water and Beauty.

Built out of recycled materials from homes broken in the Christchurch earthquakes, alongside locally sourced, natural, non toxic materials, they are a wonderful example of energy efficient buildings, but have gone a step further, building resilience into this fortunate community, halving the amount of water most accomodation places use, minimising waste and operating in a contagiously collaborative and educational way. Check them out here.

W: https://www.campglenorchy.co.nz/about-us/sustainability

Arthur Lee, Respond Architects

Architectural Designer / Certified Passive House Consultant / Energy Modeller

Arthur is one of the unsung heros locally, creating a ripple effect around building better. He talks building performance all day long (and drew the energy efficient graph on the cash incentives page). He is the Southern Lakes consultant for Respond Architects a large team of innovative architects who deliver striking and functional designs with a strong emphaisis on sustainability. He can provide PHPP energy modelling, holistic building components, value engineering and environmental Life Cycle Analysis services, and is happy to talk to consult to architects without PHPP training.

M: 021 0807 4361
E: arthur@respondarchitects.co.nz
W: https://respondarchitects.co.nz/


Jessica Eyres (Wanaka) Architect, Passive House Consultant & Energy Modeller

M: 022 013 9062
E: jessica@hiberna.co.nz
W: hiberna.co.nz